Ferris Mulch Kit Quick Reference - IS2000Z & IS2500Z

Ferris IS2000Z & IS2500Z Mulch Kits

Simply locate your deck size on the chart below and select the corresponding mulch kit.  Where the blades are not included, you will need to order the blade set in the right column to have everything.  

Series Deck Size Deck Type Mulch Kit # Serial # Mulching Blades Replacement Mulch Blades
IS2000Z 52" NON-ICD 5600015 IS2000Z 2012612044 & Below NOT INCLUDED 5103304S
IS2000Z 52" NON-ICD 5600612 IS2000Z 2012612045-2013818907 NOT INCLUDED 5103304S
IS2000Z & IS2500Z 52" ICD 5600386 IS2000, IS2500 2013818908 - 2014644342 NOT INCLUDED 5103304S
IS2000Z & IS2500Z 52" ICD 5600527 IS2000, IS2500 2014644343 - 2015362261 NOT INCLUDED 5103304S
IS2000Z & IS2500Z 52" ICD 5600584 IS2000, IS2500 2015362262 & Above INCLUDED 5103304S
IS2000Z & IS2500Z 61" NON-ICD 5049330 IS2000, IS2500 2013383848 & Below NOT INCLUDED 5103305S
IS2000Z & IS2500Z 61" ICD 5600322 IS2000, IS2500 2013383849 - 2014644342 NOT INCLUDED 5103305S
IS2000Z & IS2500Z 61" ICD 5600528 IS2000, IS2500 2014644343-2015340576 NOT INCLUDED 5103305S
IS2000Z & IS2500Z 61" ICD 5600898 IS2000, IS2500 2015340577 & Above INCLUDED 5103305S

We recommend you verify which part is correct for your particular Ferris unit. First, enter your model number by using our convenient Parts Lookup and Part Diagrams. Secondly, select the appropriate diagram. Third, select the appropriate part and quantity, then add it to your cart. However, should you be unable to find what you are looking for, please contact us via email or 800-866-5473.

After your order is placed, we will keep you informed of its status including notification when it ships. More importantly, our growing partnership with UPS allows us to offer reasonable shipping rates throughout the U.S.

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